FLIGHT 19 EP

             F1rst Class x Gully

             December 05,2014



YoungGully & F1rst Class join forces to bring Flight 19, a 5-track extended play that showcases Gully's brand of dense and honest street lyricism as well as the production duo's diverse musicality. The project takes its name from the 5 bomber planes that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle in 1945. You can definitely get lost listening to this project; press play and let the vibes take you away. From the looks of it, this is not the last we'll hear from this connection. A project called Bermuda is coming soon.
F1rst Class Instrumental EP was release on Feb 21th 2019. The EP is now available  on all Music Platforms. You can find Red & bLAX merch on the shop section of our website. 

Red & bLAX

Johnny Red x AF51 x  Jimmy bLAX

Febuary 21th,2019


                   F1rst Class

            September 09, 2014


TIMELESS showcase the EVOLUTION of F1rst Class and Hip-Hop in general.

My Sanctuary

F1rst Class x Lia Sabella

May 1st, 2019

Lia Sabella - She's a up and coming artist from the bay area. F1rst Class linked up with Lia Sabella during young gully's Bermuda recording session in 2015. They've  been creating a new sound ever since. My Sanctuary is Lia Sabella first album entirely produced by F1rst Class. The project is expected to drop on May 1st,2019.